Dwelling Museum 2017 and ongoing

Participants are creating cast glass sculptures which tell their stories. These objects will become the content of a mobile Museum of Settlement.

House of Art 2015

Co-curated with Lynn Hubbs

Local art exhibition with Creemore artists and a Syrian artist, Anahita Osman, to raise awareness and funds to support the sponsorship of a Syrian refugee. We were successful in sponsoring a family.

Nargiz 2015

Food Performance with Anahita Osman, a refugee at the time, in support of her sponsorship. The tablecloth (collaboration with Mary Ann Tupling), documents all actions with politician to that date. I embroidered quotes from Anahita and others during the process. The daffodils refer to Nargiz, and the story/desire of Kurdish independence. Kurdish kepse and onion soup was served. Remedies for daffodil poisoning (sometimes daffodils are mistaken for onions), are laid on the table, along with Syrian soap made with a Syrian soapmaker in Toronto.



Daffodils 2015

Food Performance at House of Art Exhibition with Out of a War Zone Artists and Anahita Osman

Soup, Soap and Sounds 2015

Event organized by Shelley Hannah to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Women’s March to the Hague to WWI. Soup, Soap Sounds was my contribution to the event linking the call for peace to contemporary wars.

Soap Shop – 2015 – Creemore Festival of the Arts

Intervention with embroidered text on cloth, Syrian and locally made soap, glass castings of Syrian soap, wrapping paper with images of community effort to sponsor a refugee (wrapping paper by MK Lynde)


Kepse – 2014

Food Performance. Through small art actions, I galvanized the community to raise money and sponsor a Syrian family. I learned how to make Kepse in Turkey from a Syrian refugee. Neighbours and friends were invited to have a meal with me and talk about the practicalities and ethics of bringing refugees to rural Ontario. A table runner with a letter to our Member of Parliament was signed by all, petitioning the government to allow more refugees into the country.

Contemplating Policy 2014

Tulou 2014

Performance about my mixed heritage.

Migration Cart 2013 -2014

I built a table out of scrap wood and served food as a means to talk about migration and mixed race backgrounds while creating a sense of home for myself and fellow art students.

Airports – 2013

I had great fun disposing of two bottles of wine before an early flight out of San Francisco.  Forgetting (yet a again!) that one cannot bring liquids through customs, I seized the opportunity to initiate spontaneous encounters and talk listen to stories of people on the move. People were surprisingly willing to share a bottle of good wine at 9 am. Long lost loves re-visited and a 21st Century job that sends people around the country were among the stories shared with me.

On the Fence (with Don Miller) – 2013

A site-specific installation marking public space on a road allowance abutting private land in Mulmur, ON. This municipality had recently given up fighting to maintain a public road allowance with access to trails because it could not fight a large land owner who claimed the land as his own.  This road allowance is also an imagined safe road to freedom. Just north of the site is a gravesite of black settlers in Lisle.

Squatting Project – 2012-2013 – Exhibited at Thunder Bay Art Gallery

For many years I lived next to absentee landowners, a common occurrence where I live. I was thinking about the land I live on as Indigenous land and that many thousands (if not millions) of acres of now uninhabited land is held in private hands. We should give the land back.  At the same time, I wrestle with my own conflicting and complicated desire to own more land.

Glass casting (third image) is of hole dug to grow the Three Sisters – squash, beans and corn

Democracy – 2012

Enraged with the proroguing of Parliament and the increasing power of the Prime Minister’s office under Stephen Harper.  Democracy was performed at the RA Gallery in Shelburne, ON.

Popcorn House 2009

Portrait Workshop with Children